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Volvo S60 Engine Flies Out Of The Car In Massive Crash

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A massive accident occurred early Friday morning in St Petersburg, Russia, where the driver of an older model Volvo S60 got in the way of a speeding Audi SUV.

According to the description, everyone involved in the crash was taken to the hospital, including a man hit by the Audi after the initial crash (he was just waiting at a bus stop) and a girl waiting for the light to turn green.

The girl was actually hit by the engine of the S60, which flew out of the engine compartment of the Volvo upon impact. Yes, really. You’ll understand how that’s possible as soon as you see the sheer force with which the Audi hit.

We wish we knew more about the crash, such as the state of both drivers and any eventual passengers. We genuinely haven’t seen many collisions in traffic that were more violent than this one and we can’t even be certain that the driver of the Audi was 100% faultless here, since he was definitely speeding, which may or may not have been because he was trying to run a yellow light.

If you look close at the final few seconds of the clip, you’ll see that as soon as the crash occurs, the traffic on that particular side of the road comes to a halt before the crosswalk, suggesting a red light.

All in all, yet another harsh reminder that serious accidents can take place even in slow city traffic. All it takes is somebody running a red or a yellow, or someone else assuming it’s safe to turn one way or another, which is ultimately what led to that Volvo’s destruction.

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